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The human resources department is the powerhouse of any organization, responsible for recruiting, onboarding, and training employees, maintaining harmonious workplace relations, and ensuring adherence to legal regulations. The scope of work and duties may vary from organization to organization, but the HR team works tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure a smooth and successful business operation. So, if you’re looking for a career path that can take you to the top, then consider human resources.

The human resources function may be a department that handles a good range of varied functions in a corporation . The department is liable for the recruitment and exit of employees, training employees, maintaining relations within the organisation and implementing necessary government laws associated with employment. The department also works persistently behind the scenes to make sure that a corporation is running/functioning efficiently. The HR function’s work and duties will vary within the businesses .

In pursuing a Best HR training at Connecting Dots Erp, One of the primary human resources department functions is to manage to hire and recruiting within an organization. The department actively sources, screens, interviews and hires or recruits qualified potential candidates for the open positions. The human resources function also oversees skills assessment and personality tests to match candidates with the proper job within the corporate


HR Modules

HR Administration (Core HR)

This module covers all aspects of HR administration including pre-joining and post-joining documentation such as resumes, appointment letters, salary slips and bank statements.

Payroll Management

This module provides an overview of payroll management, attendance management, leave management, salary components, and salary slip preparation.


This module covers data types and sources used in HR management and metrics for tracking employee performance.

Introduction to HR Management

This module provides a comprehensive overview of key concepts in human resources management.

Introduction to Human resource technology and Analytics

This module covers the use of technology and data analytics in HR management, including HR management systems and data analysis tools.

Employee data, data sources and metrics

This module covers data types and sources used in HR management and metrics for tracking employee performance.

Employee data visualization

This module teaches students how to effectively create and communicate data visualizations of employee data.


This module covers the process of planning and filling open positions in a company and is essential for anyone working in recruitment.

Advanced HR Analytics

This module focuses on the statistical analysis of human resource data to make informed decisions about employee performance and retention.

Post Training Service & Support

This module includes services such as CV preparation, job search assistance, interview skill development, overall grooming, and certification.

Live Project

This project explores the use of analytics in various stages of HR management and aims to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of HR processes.

Career Opportunities

After completion for this course, you will able to apply for the following job roles.


HR Executive

HR Executive

HR Assistant

HR Assistant

HR Specialist

HR Specialist

HR Manager

HR Manager

Eligibility Criteria

This course can be pursued by following people


Any Engineer

Any Graduate/ Post Graduate

Working Professionals