SAP Production Management Certification Training

The Production Planning is a program that aligns demand with production capacity to create production and purchase schedules for finished products and materials.
SAP PP is an important SAP module. It tracks and records the flow of production processes, for example, planned and actual costs. Also, the movement of goods from the transformation of raw materials into less finished items.



About SAP PP Training

Connecting Dots ERP SAP PP training course is one of the best courses which is designed with all the latest updates provided by SAP. Here the trainers are well proficient and explain every concept with real-time scenarios. You can easily manage the production and distribution process and plan what is best for the most difficult situations.


What is SAP PP?

SAP Production Planning, better known as SAP PP, is an SAP module designed to manage and integrate the various departments of the organization on that controls its production, distribution and production. The SAP PP module is an integral part of the ERP Central Component (ECC). The program also plays a major role in the supply chain. SAP PP also incorporates several ECC modules such as Sales and Distribution (SD), Quality Management (QM), Material Management (MM), Plant Storage (PM), Finance, Management, and Human Resources (HR).



 SAP PP is one of the best SAP Course..

 You will be given a detailed understanding of the main   concepts of the SAP PP module.

 You will be able to manage end transactions to finish in the SAP PP system.

 You will find information about SAP PP coordinators   who should remain in the top position in the   organization.

You can easily manage the production and distribution process and plan what is best for the most difficult situations.



  • SAP PP is one of the modules of SAP that deals with Production Planning and  planning of management.
  • In any live Production Program module, plant production areas and storage within plants, should be found in the system.
  • The Importance of Plants and Storage Areas in Production Planning.
  • All expert Production data is created at the Plant level.
  • Planning activities are also done at the Plant level.
  • Process Ensuring Production and movement of related goods takes place at plant and storage level.
  • The main use of descriptive elements in production planning is customer-level planning in both Demand Planning and Production Planning and Detailed Planning.
  • In Collaborative Production Planning the predictions given by descriptive features are shown This figure is illustrated in the text of the accompanying text. When you double-click on this icon, the descriptive feature values appear in the dialog box.

Prerequisites for SAP PP Training

Responsibilities of SAP MM CONSULTANT

PP Consultant is responsible for the following activities: 

  • Responsibilities of SAP PP Consultant
  • It Understands Business from Production & Planning department perspective
  • Map of customer business processes in SAP
  • This training trains user for using SAP system
  • Integrate PP (Production Planning )module with other functional areas like Materials, Finance, Costing, etc
  • Design/enhance operational and analytical reports for customers.

Scope Of SAP PP Trainees

SAP Production Planning is one of the most important modules. In the current context, the world has a great need for professional SAP PP students who know and understand this module. Therefore, getting professional training will only increase your chances of getting a job at one of the best companies in the industry. Reportedly, only 7 out of 100,00 people do not know the SAP PP module in depth. So you can understand the need for educated professionals around the world. Therefore, the industry continues to look for professionals who can handle the field professionally. While holding a SAP PP certificate, immediately, you should get good positions such as coordinators, Senor Consultants, assistant managers, senior managers, and so on. In addition, the cost of these services is very high for all companies.


Job Opportunities IN SAP PP

SAP PP Growth Opportunities And Earnings

The Growth Opportunities of Plants and Storage Areas in Production Planning-

All expert Production data is created at the Plant level.

Planning activities are also done at the Plant level.

Process Ensuring Production and movement of related goods takes place at plant and storage level.

Master Data in SAP PP

Big data usually does not change in any company and is not usually changed depending on demand. There are 5 key data to be stored in the Production Planning module.

Material Master

The material master contains the information of all the company’s acquisitions, production, storage and sales. It is a number that uniquely identifies an important record, then it is material.

Items with the same basic characteristics are grouped together and assigned to a type of property such as a finish, raw material, etc.

It is used for the following purposes:

Buying building materials

Goods Movement submissions such as issuance of goods or receipts in inventory management and exports of tangible assets

In the confirmation invoice for sending invoices

In sales and distribution process to fulfill a sales order

In production planning and managing material needs planning, planning, and production verification processes.

Bill of Material (BOM)

An asset bill is a complete, formalized list of parts and the amount required to produce a product or to combine.

BOMs are used in the planning of material needs and product costs. You can also create up to 99 other BOMs for one product .For a variety of products, you can create a Super BOM, which has all sorts of potential elements used to create different types, and the appropriate component is selected based on the feature selected in the sales order. For example, a product cycle can contain all types of frames (of different colors and sizes) and the desired frame is selected by the production system based on the color and size selected in the sales system.

Career Center

A machine workshop or machinery group where production operations are carried out. Workplaces are used in task lists (Routes).

Contains data for





Navigation is nothing but the sequence of work done in the Work Center. It also specifies machine time, operation time, etc. of performance.

It is also used to plan activities and is used to calculate the average cost of a product.

Production version

The production version is a combination of BOM and Routing production data. It is the link between BOM & Routing and determines the production process.

There can be many production versions according to different production processes to produce the product.

Syllabus of SAP PP

     SAP Overview
  • Introduction to SAP
  •  BASIS
  •  Co-operative Business Scenarios 
  •  Navigation
  •  System-wide Concepts
  •  Enterprise Structure 

    Manufacturing Planning and Execution of Discrete and       Repetitive

  •  Master Data 
  •  Planning and Execution with Final Assembly
  •  Make-to-stock Production
  •  Make-to-Order Production
  •  Content: Variant Configuration

    Basic Data

  •  Material Master Records 
  •  Configuration Material Master Records
  •  BOM Management
  •  BOM Reporting Functions
  •  Variants and Alternatives
  •  PP Organization Structure and Basic Data Overview
  •  Routine – Part 1
  •  Work Center
  •  Confirmations
  •  Goods Receipts
  •  Cost Object Controlling/         Order Archiving and     Deletion
  •  Information Systems
  •  Mass Processing and Automation

    Logistics Information System

  •  Data Warehouse Concepts
  •  Standard Analysis in LIS 
  •  Early Warning System
  •  Flexible Analysis in LIS
  •  LIS Environment
  •  Concept: Logistic Information System

   Learning Materials

  • Routing – Part 2
  •  Information System
  •  Mass Processing and Automation
  •  Work Scheduling in Detail
  •  Scheduling
  •  Engineering Workbench
  • Product Cost Planning
  • Reference and Simulation Costing
  • Material Costing Without Quantity Structure
  • Material Costing with Quantity Structure

    Product Planning 

    •  Overview
    •  Demand Management
    •  MRP Run
    •  Processing MRP Results 
    •  Master Producing Scheduling
    •  Long- term Planning
    • Technical Information on How the planning Run Works 
    •  MRP Areas 

    Repetitive Manufacturing

  • Overview of production Types
  •  Master Data
  •  Planning
  •  Material Staging
  •  Back Flushing
  •  Evaluations
  •  Content: Repetitive Manufacturing

   Production Orders 

  • Order Structure and Processing
  • Order Creation/ Order Change 
  • Order Release
  • Printing Order Documents
  • Material Staging
  • Order control.

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