SAP Human Capital Management

SAP HCM (SAP Human Capital Management) is a human resource management system. As a follower of SAP HR, it contains all the functions related to human resource management, remuneration, applicant management, and staff development. Additionally, SAP HCM integrates human resource management and human resource management with multidisciplinary procedures and accreditation procedures


About SAP HCM Training

Connecting Dots ERP SAP HCM training course is one of the best courses which is designed with all the latest updates provided by SAP. Here the trainers are well proficient and explain every concept with real-time scenarios. 

What is SAP HCM?

SAP HCM is a complete personnel management system. Describing all aspects of HR solution can go beyond the scope of this encyclopedia. We therefore focus on the most important modules, of which all modules are a part and additional functions are under it:

Personnel Administration (PA)

Human Resource Management (PT)

Payroll Accounting (PY)

Organization Management (OM)

Human resource development (talent management)

Training and Event Management (PE)

Rent (PB)




SAP HCM provides essential support in two ways. On the one hand it allows for the improvement and digitalization of personnel processes, on the other hand it contains many important tools from the strategic point of view of employees.



  • SAP HCM is one of the modules of SAP that deals with Human Capital Management
  • There are also two main features of SAP HCM 
  • 1. Automatic number of specific infotype fields.
  • 2. To control screen rotation

Prerequisites for SAP HCM Training

Responsibilities of SAP HCM CONSULTANT

HCM Consultant is responsible for the following activities: 

  • Understand Business from a Purchase, Inventory department perspective.
  • Map of customer business processes in SAP.

Scope Of SAP HCM

After successfully completing this course, you can become a SAP MM consultant, HR generalist, SAP HCM general consultant or active SAP HR consultant. These qualifications will also help you to secure the position of HR officer, HR assistant manager, HR personnel or HR officer.


Job Opportunities IN SAP HCM

The above-mentioned profiles require knowledge of the full life cycle installation process with proper planning and analytical skills. Many companies are looking for professionals with 2- 4 years of experience. SAP HCM is designed to assist the following business processes in the organization. 


SAP MM Growth Opportunities And Earnings

SAP MM Trainee Consultants or SAP MM Associates Trainees with the required skills are given top salaries. It is a leading transportation hub that includes Production Plan, Warehouse management, and sales and distribution modules. 


Syllabus of SAP HCM

our KEY features

 Introduction to ERP & SAP

  •  Overview on SAP HR Sub Modules
  •  Introduction to Project Implementation
  •  Methodologies (ASAP Methodology)
  •  Implementation Road Map
  • System Land Scape – 3 tier Architecture

 Organizational Management

  • Organizational Management Introduction
  • Structure in SAP HCM
  • Objects
  • Relationships
  • Structure of Relationships
  • Syntax of Relationship
  • Methods of Creating Org. Structure
  • Simple Maintenance
  • Expert Mode
  • Organizational and Staffing
  • Menu guided, Open and Action guided
  • methods
  • Editing of Objects and Relationships
  • Validity Period
  • Info type in OM
  • Plan version –Definition and setting of New
  • plan Versions
  • Objects Number Ranges Evaluation Path Personal Administration.
  • Maintaining the user parameters maintaining the User Groups & User Parameters –
  • Maintaining the country grouping
  • Maintaining the Number Ranges for different
  • OM – PA Integration
  • Integration of the OM with PA
  • Brief Explanation on Info types
  • Complete details on Info types , country specific of Info types , Custom Info types,
  • Module specific of Info types
  • Mandatory info types for the Personnel Number
  • List of Mandatory info types for an
  • employee to exist in a organization
  • Brief Explanation on Obligatory fields
  • Obligatory fields to be maintained in a info
  • type & setting for the same to make it
  • optional / hide / Change
  • Creation of the Custom Info types:
  • Enhancement of the standard Info types as per the customer requirement.
  • Hiring Action using PA40:
  • Configuration of the different action types like
  • Hiring, Leaving, Midyear salary review etc.
  • Maintain HR Master Data using PA30
  • Maintaining the Personnel Master & also display of the same through PA20.
  • Maintain Personnel File using PA10
  • Maintaining the personnel File attachment like Employee marks card, fitness certificate,
  • offer letter 
  • HR Master Data – Fast Entry using PA70
  • Maintaining the Info types for the Given Range of Employee Numbers

 Dynamic Action

  •  Explanation on the Dynamic Action
  •  Configuration of Dynamic Action
  •  Standard Dynamic action available in SAP

 Additional Actions

  • Additional Actions
  • Explanation on the Additional Actions.
  • Configuration of Additional Actions


  • Features
  • Features as a decision Making Tree, Basic
  • Features like VDSK1,PINCH, ABKRS, SCHKZ,
  • LGMST, NUMKR  e t c

 Different Action types  

  • Practical Session on creating the Hiring Action
  • User Manual will be given to Run the Hiring Action
  • Explanation on the different Personnel Actions. 

 Time Management

  • Time Management Overview
  • Over view on Time Management
  • Positive & Negative Time Management
  • Time Recording Terminal & its Interface with 

 Work Schedules

  • Creation of Holidays
  • Holiday Calendar
  • Daily Work Schedules
  • Periodic Work Schedules
  • Work schedules

 Time Management Info-types

  • Explanation on Info-types

 Absence /Attendance types

  • Creation of Absence types Like Loss of Pay
  • Casual Leave, Sick Leave e t c
  • Creation of Attendance types
  • Office Duty, Bus Late 
  • Functionality
 Absence Quota
  • Creation of Absence quota for the Absence Types

 Over time  

  • Explanation on Info type 2005. Case study on
  • O.T

 Time Evaluation Run for Both Positive and Negative Time  

  • Time Evaluation on PT60 using TM00, TM01,
  • TM04 Schemas

 Time Management Reports

  • List of Time Management reports will be provided.
  • Positive Time Management
  • Time Evaluation settings Creation of PCR’s Modifications of Schema’s & PCR’s.
  • Creation of Time types Real time scenarios on Loss of Pay calculation & over time.
  • Calculation of PCR’s on LOP calculation – based on real time scenarios.
  • • PCR’s on Overtime calculation – based on real
  • time scenarios Integration of Time management
  • with Payroll system.

 Negative time management

  • Settings for the Negative time management
  • LOP calculation in case of negative time
  • OT Calculation in case of negative time management SAP
  • Real time scenarios on Loss of Pay calculation & Over time calculation in case of negative time management

 PCR’s & Schemas

  •  Attendance Bonus calculation
  •  Shift allowances
  •  Incentives Late coming & early going cases
  •  PL accrual through time evaluation
  • Payroll Over View
  • • Payroll Process flow & Payroll as a country Specific


  • Payroll Over View
  • Payroll Process flow & Payroll as a country Specific

Wage type creation &grouping

  • Wage type creation & Grouping
  • Creating Wage types, Grouping for the Info
  • types, wage type characteristics, Permissibility of wage types
  • Payroll related Info types
  • Info types : 0008 , 0014 , 0015 , 2010 Allowance Grouping
  • Defaulting Of wage types in Info type 0008
  • LGMST Feature

Organizing a live Payroll Run

  • Period Parameters, Date Modifiers, Payroll
  • Area, Payroll control record, Difference Phases
  • of Payroll Control record. Generating a Payroll Periods e t c

 Payroll Posting to FI configuration 

  • Payroll Posting to FI configuration
  • Payroll Posting to FI , Configuration of Wage
  • types to GL / Vendor accounts
 Payroll Reports

  • List of Payroll reports
  • Statutory Deductions
  • ESI , PF , Ptax , Income tax , LWF
 Income tax projection & form 16 execution
  • Standard SAP form 16 
 Payroll India taxation & yearned activities
  • This is yearend audit activity
 Time Management integration with the payroll

  • Time Management integration with the Payroll
  • Getting the LOP & OT wages from time evaluation to payroll driver
  • Payroll PCR’s & Schemas
  • Loss of pay calculation 
  • Over time payment
  • Provident fund, Edli admin, Edli charges Calculation
 Project Process in SAP HCM implementation
  • Project Process in SAP HCM implementation
  • Preparation of projects in ASAP methodology Roles and Responsibilities of the Consultants in different phases of project
  • Understanding the HCM specific process in
  • HCM implementation.
  • Tools Used in SAP projects
  • Uploads:
  • Data Upload process in SAP project
  • Usage of- Standard and custom developed Upload tools
  • Process of generation the customized
  • developments
 Documents & Project Process
  • Project documents used in the SP HCM project implementation Detailed information on Business Blueprint, AS IS – TO BE Documents
  • Different Project specification documents
  • Support project process handling – issue resolution process, tools in managing issues.
  • Client interaction and communication.

Real Time Projects

Learn through real-time industry projects Project. Implementation with Real-Time Scenario. 100% Live Project Work.

Live Training

We provide live trainingby Leading Faculty & Industry leaders. Assessments and interactivities are given at the end of every session such that the practical application of the theory learned can be gauged.

Course Duration :

50 to 60 Hrs Course. We provide flexible timings and schedule your batches as per your convenience.

24 x 7 Lifetime Support

Our participants can contact with trainer any time via e-mail, mobile, video, WhatsApp regarding interview preparation and study materials.

EMI Option Available

We provide EMI facility for you. Nothing stops you from learning EMI with 0% Interest

Certification & Job Assistance

Worried about placement after course Don’t Worry! Connecting Dots ERP provides career guidance to all Connecting Dots ERPs attendees. Connecting Dots ERP provides in multiple MNC’s companies SAP Consultant and our hr team will arrange an interview for our attendees.


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, the demo Session is free of cost where we give an overview regarding the modules, teaching methods, and techniques.

Yes, we have both weekdays and weekend classes. Not only that we have classes at various timing in the morning, evening. We are adaptable according to your requirements with the goal that you can oversee both general all-day occupation and class plans.

The faculties who train the students themselves are SAP HCM working professionals holding about 8 to 9 years of work experience.

Yes,If you have built your mind to start with SAP HCM and pursue your career into this, then it is the best choice of all. There is a great demand of SAP HCM and is increasing day by day.

All the aspects you are in search for are fulfilled by Connecting Dots ERP. Some of them are – excellent training sessions by industry expert, 100% placement assistance, real-time projects, interactive sessions and many more.