SAP Business Intelligence

Business intelligence (BI) is an application used to provide meaning to raw data an organization has. Raw data is refined, stored and used by business strategies to help business users make better business decisions. This data can be presented in the form of reports and can be displayed in the form of tables, charts, etc. efficient and easy to analyze and make business decisions.


About SAP BI Training

Connecting Dots ERP SAP BI training course is one of the best courses which is designed with all the latest updates provided by SAP. Here the trainers are well proficient and explain every concept with real-time scenarios. From understanding what a business is to learn how to complete business processes in SAP BI, everything will be covered in this training.

What is SAP BI?

Business Intelligence spans a varied set of toolset, of which the Data Ware House consolidates and loads the data from the different Source Systems, while reporting tools like Query Designer, Web Application Designer, and Analyzer are majorly used to create reports which display the data consolidated by the Datawarehouse for analysing purpose.



Business intelligence (BI) is an application used to provide meaning to raw data an organization has. Raw data is refined, stored and used by business strategies to help business users make better business decisions.


  • SAP BI is one of the modules of SAP that deals with Business Intelligence.
  • The features of SAP BI are mainly used to describe items such as divisions, 
  • plants, G / L accounts
  • control areas
  • cost centers
  •  building materials 
  • customers
  •  profit centers, etc. 
  • They are basically descriptive qualities. The Info Object catalog captures important features and statistics.

Prerequisites for SAP BI Training

Responsibilities of SAP BI CONSULTANT

BI Consultant is responsible for the following activities: 

Scope Of SAP BI

There will be a lot of SAP BI activity in the future. SAP has a large market share in BI. SAP can be a complex ecosystem for products, so skilled people in this area will always be needed.

The future of SAP BI / 4 HANA: SAP HANA has launched the next generation of SAP Business Warehouse called SAP BI / 4HANA which only uses SAP HANA. Provides new lengths of ease to develop and implement data repository solutions and various data management capabilities for advanced user information.

Job Opportunities IN SAP BI

The above-mentioned profiles require knowledge of the full life cycle installation process with proper planning and analytical skills. Many companies are looking for professionals with 2- 4 years of experience. SAP MM is designed to assist the following business processes in the organization. 

  • Invoice verification
  • Equipment Testing
  • Asset Management
  • Shopping
  • Application-Based Planning
  • Vendor Master and Material Master data

SAP BI Growth Opportunities And Earnings

SAP BI Trainee Consultants or SAP BI Associates Trainees with the required skills are given top salaries. It is a leading transportation hub that includes Production Plan, Warehouse management, and sales and distribution modules. 

For further work growth, you can upgrade to SAP BI. There is a worldwide need for SAP BI coordinators. The salary of SAP BI coordinators in India is between ₹ 2.7 Lakhs to ₹ 17.2 Lakhs and the average annual salary of ₹ 6.5 Lakhs. Salary estimates are based on the 195 salaries received from SAP BI Consultants.

Syllabus of SAP BI

Introduction to ERP

  • ERP Packages
  • Introduction to SAP
  • Functions and Objectives of MM

SAP Navigation

  • Login
  • Sessions
  • SAP Screens
  • Features of SAP Navigations

The organizational structure of an Enterprise in the SAP

  • R/3 System
  • Company
  • Company Code
  • Controlling Area
  • Plant
  • Storage Location
  • Purchase Organization
  • Purchasing Group

Master Data Master Material

  • Material Types
  • Material Groups
  • Assignment of Number Ranges to Material Types
  • Creation of Materials Master
  • Change and display of Material Master

Vendor Master  

  • Vendor Account Group  
  • Number Ranges  
  • Assignment of Number Ranges to Vendor Account Groups 

Purchase Info Record  

  • Number Ranges for Info Record  
  • Creation of Info Record  
  • Change and Display of Info Record

Pricing Procedure  

  • Maintain Condition Tables
  • Define Access Sequence  
  • Define Condition Types  
  • Define Calculation Schema  
  • Define Schema Group  
  • Define Schema Determination  
  • Determine Calculation Schema for Standard Purchase Orders 

External Service Management  

  • Service Master Creation 
  •  Service PO  
  • Service Entry Sheet

 Optimized Purchasing  

  • Automatic PO w ref to PR  
  • Automatic PO at GR

 Inventory Management  

  • Movement Types  
  • Goods Receipt Scenarios  
  • Creation of GR  
  • Cancel GR  
  • Reservation  
  • Creation of Reservation  
  • Creation of GI wref. To Reservation  Goods Issue
  • Source Determination  
  • Source List  
  • Quota Arrangement 

Purchasing and Purchase Requisition  

  • Number Range for PR  
  • Define Document Type 
  •  Requisition or Tracking No.  
  • Source Determination  
  • Assignment of Source 

Request for Quotation (RFQ)  

  • Number Range for RFQs  
  • Define New Document Type  
  • Create/Change/Display RFQ  
  • Print RFQ 


  • Maintaining Quotations 

Price Comparison of Quotations  

  • Comparison of Quotations  
  • Maximum Price and Minimum Price 
  •  Use of Collective Number for Comparison 

Purchase Order  

  • Number Range for Purchase Order  
  • Create/Change/Display PO 
  • PO With Reference to PR/Quotations/Contract  
  • Service PO 

Outline Agreement  

  • Contracts 
  •  Value Contract  
  • Quantity Contract  
  • Schedule Agreement 

Release Procedure for Purchasing Documents  

  • Purchase Requisition, Purchase Order, Request For Quotation(RFQ)  
  • Transfer Postings  
  • From Plant to Plant – One Step And Two-Step Process  
  • From Sloc to Sloc – One Step And Two-Step Process  
  • From Stock to Stock Blocked to Quality, Blocked to Unrestricted use Stock, Quality to Unrestricted use Stock

Physical Inventory  

  • Types of Physical Inventory  
  • Creating Physical Inventory Document

Special Stocks and Special Procurement  

  • Consignment  
  • Stock transportation order  
  • Subcontracting

Valuation and Account Determination Introduction to Material Valuation Price Control  

  • Moving Price  
  • Standard Price  
  • Split Valuation  
  • Configure Split Valuation  
  • Defining Global Categories  
  • Defining Global Type  
  • Defining Local Definition & Assignment

Integration Concepts  

  • MM-FICO  
  • MM-SD  
  • MM-PP  
  • PM-MM  
  • QM-MM 

our KEY features

Real Time Projects

Learn through real-time industry projects Project. Implementation with Real-Time Scenario. 100% Live Project Work.

Live Training

We provide live trainingby Leading Faculty & Industry leaders. Assessments and interactivities are given at the end of every session such that the practical application of the theory learned can be gauged.

Course Duration :

50 to 60 Hrs Course. We provide flexible timings and schedule your batches as per your convenience.

24 x 7 Lifetime Support

Our participants can contact with trainer any time via e-mail, mobile, video, WhatsApp regarding interview preparation and study materials.

EMI Option Available

We provide EMI facility for you. Nothing stops you from learning EMI with 0% Interest

Certification & Job Assistance

Worried about placement after course Don’t Worry! Connecting Dots ERP provides career guidance to all Connecting Dots ERPs attendees. Connecting Dots ERP provides in multiple MNC’s companies SAP Consultant and our hr team will arrange an interview for our attendees.


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, the demo Session is free of cost where we give an overview regarding the modules, teaching methods, and techniques.

Yes, we have both weekdays and weekend classes. Not only that we have classes at various timing in the morning, evening. We are adaptable according to your requirements with the goal that you can oversee both general all-day occupation and class plans.

The faculties who train the students themselves are SAP BI working professionals holding about 8 to 9 years of work experience.

Yes, If you have built your mind to start with SAP BI and pursue your career into this, then it is the best choice of all. There is a great demand of SAP BI and is increasing day by day.

All the aspects you are in search for are fulfilled by Connecting Dots ERP. Some of them are – excellent training sessions by industry expert, 100% placement assistance, real-time projects, interactive sessions and many more.