Start your coding journey with Python! Our 9-week training program will help you master the fundamentals of this powerful language, giving you the tools to write advanced data analysis and machine learning scripts with ease. Unlock the power of Python today!

Python is a popular general-purpose programming language used for both large and small-scale applications. Students who complete this 9-week python training program will have learned the foundational principles required to write more advanced data analysis and machine learning Python script.

Python Modules

Python Introduction

Learn the basics of Python programming. Understand the fundamentals of the Python language, including variables, data types, functions, classes, etc.

Core Objects and Built-in Functions

Learn the fundamentals of Python, including core objects, built-in functions and data types. Understand how to create and manipulate data to create powerful programs.

Conditional Statements and Loops

Learn how to control the flow of your Python programs by using conditional statements and loops. Master the use of if-else statements, for-loops and while-loops to create efficient programs.

UDF Functions and Object Functions

Learn how to use user-defined functions (UDF) and object functions to create powerful and reusable code. Understand the use of parameters, return values and variables in UDFs.

File Handling with Python

Learn the basics of file handling in Python. Understand how to create, read, write and delete files using Python. Master the use of the file system for efficient data storage and retrieval.

Python Modules and Packages

Learn how to use modules and packages in Python to organize and reuse code. Understand how to create modules, import modules and use packages for efficient program design.

Exceptional Handing and Object Oriented Python

Learn how to handle exceptions in Python and use object-oriented programming (OOP) principles to create powerful programs. Understand the use of classes, objects, methods, inheritance and more.

Debugging, Framework & Regular expression

Learn how to debug and manage your code using frameworks and regular expressions. Master the use of debugging tools, frameworks and regular expressions to create efficient programs.

Database interaction with Python

Learn how to interact with databases using Python. Understand the basics of database interaction and master the use of SQL queries and Python programs to manipulate data.

Package Installation, Windows spreadsheet parsing and webpage scrapping

Learn how to install packages, parse Windows spreadsheets and scrape webpages using Python. Understand the basics of scraping and parsing data from webpages and spreadsheets.


Learn how to use parallelism to speed up your Python programs. Understand the basics of parallelism and master the use of multi-threading and multi-processing to increase the performance of your programs.